Integrating automatic feeding, cutting, splitting, and receiving, constructing a one-stop fully automatic cutting production line with a reasonable product structure

Quality And Service

Thorough quality monitoring throughout the entire process, scientific and detailed management throughout the entire process

  • Strictly Control Quality

    All materials and components are purchased in accordance with relevant national and industry quality standards and product specifications

    Standardize material usage standards, personnel operation standards, and product acceptance standards, and standardize and streamline process quality control

  • Service Support

    Professional engineers provide one-on-one service, with quick delivery from stock and 24-hour online Q&A for non stock standard products within 15 days, providing you with a worry free service experience

    Conduct comprehensive quality inspection and control on product functions, performance, appearance, packaging, and other aspects, and do not store or leave the factory unqualified products


Meeting the automation application needs of different industries


Specialization leads to professionalism, and quality creates a brand

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About Us

Specializing in the R&D and intelligent manufacturing of cutting equipment for LCD and TFT display industries

Shenzhen Huixinglong Technology Co., Ltd. is an automation equipment enterprise specializing in design, research and development, manufacturing, sales, process technology guidance, and services.

Our main business is to provide customers with glass cutting solutions and equipment for LCD-TN, LCD-TFT LCD displays, TP touch screens, and other industries. Since its establishment, we have been continuously introducing excellent talents to our core team with the concept of attracting social talents. Thus, with high-quality products and excellent after-sales service, we quickly opened up the market in LCD display industries such as digital, car mounted, intelligent wearable, solar energy, and electronic paper, and won unanimous praise from customers.

  • 3000 m2

    Cover an area

  • 35+


  • 30%

    R&D proportion